13 February, 2008

Radio Guide Update: Energy FM on 97.7 FM in Amman

Energy FM Amman started its test transmission (without declaring its name yet) on 97.7 FM in Amman Greater Area.

The station, which is operated by Al-Kawn Media Co. (The same company operating Fann FM and Radio Rotana Jordan), seems to be part of the world wide "Energy FM" brand.

Anyway, Al-Kawn is playing pretty well with the "Operator not full owner" in the Jordanian radiosphere, as its already doing with Radio Rotana (owned by rotana), and Fann FM (owned by the Jordanian Armed Forces).
Now its entering the western hit music category with this station ... Are you prepared my dear Beat FM and Play 99.6?!

More information soon hopefully!
Update: The RDS name with which the station appears in "Listen at your own risk" :) interesting!

Update: Energy FM finally declared its name starting friday 10-04-2008, on both aired jingles and RDS


Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting insights on the radio sector. we're a market research company. how can we contact you?

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say its NRJ [energy;)]

nasimjo© said...

anonymous 1: its nasimjo@gmail.com

anonymous 2: Nope! its not the french NRJ ... its Energy :)
I made my connections regarding the before publishing the post :)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the plug and all your thoughts! We love to hear from you! Keep listening!


Your CRAZY 97.7 Hosts (coming soon!)

Anonymous said...

Well, It is not really good though, I just listened for 30mins and I did not like it at all. Sounds copycat station

nasimjo© said...

too many anonymous people around here :S

anyway, 2 the one commenting on April 10th.

Well, I guess its still too early to judge, as the station did not even declare its name! Its still in a test transmission mode

Anonymous said...

April 10 Answering : First of all I did not like the slogan they put on RDS, It sounds unproffessional to me and also sounds very much like Play Slogans. New radio has to make something new and unique.
I like the name Energy but the name sounds much like techno channel and this radio is not.
Anyway I am very negative I know :)by the way I have no relation with Play nor Beat nor other English channels.

nasimjo© said...

You ain't negative :) you are a listener that has a right and an opinion.

By the way, I do not have any relation with Play, Beat, Energy, or any other radio station either. I am just a listener, just like you.

"New radio has to make something new and unique": wait for this then: http://nasimjo.blogspot.com/2008/02/exclusive-radio-news-european-brand.html

Anonymous said...

April 10 again :)
Thank you for your kind answer Nasim. Well I just read the link you've posted for Spin FM. Glad to have that kind of station here. But don't you think we have too many channels here in Jordan, comparing the size of our country :) I guess because According to Jordan Business Magazine the radio is the most effective advertisement method in Jordan besides magazines and newspapers since we do not have a terrestrial televisons. Maybe that's why.

nasimjo© said...

Well, its not according to Jordan Business Magazine, but its according to ipsos stat.

And i have discussed this previously in a post:

Anonymous said...

Energy are broadcasting a test transmission on 97.7... does anyone know when they will launch properly with djs and all???

nasimjo© said...

anonymous (12 May):
they already started yesterday


Anonymous said...

I just read that blog about Spin FM and tuned into their Irish station at spin1038.com..... really looks like a cool station

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