20 February, 2008

Anti Piracy Police in Al-Balad, & Bastat owners protestِ

Finally, we are seeing a major serious movement against piracy in Jordan.

After long years of un-seriousness in fighting piracy in Jordan by the National Library Dept. The National Security Department has introduced along with its criminal investigation department an Anti Piracy Police.

And apparently, just days after its creation, it started serious raids in Al-Balad area, resulting in having the pirated DVD stands and shop owners protesting yesterday down town.

يعتزم العشرات من أصحاب محلات بيع الأقراص المدمجة الاعتصام يوم الثلاثاء أمام مطعم هاشم في وسط البلد عمان

احتجاجا على مصادرة الجهات الأمنية لمحتويات محلاتهم بسبب " حقوق الملكية الفكرية".

وتتلخص تفاصيل القضية حسب أبو خالد صاحب محل DVD بعد أن " قامت دائرة البحث الجنائي باستحداث دائرة لحماية الملكية الفكرية، اذ تقوم هذه الدائرة بمصادرة كل الاسطوانات التي تخرق قانون الملكية الفكرية".


Now the next step should be reducing taxes on original copies, and encouraging local production and distribution companies to take licenses of manufacturing original copies locally.

The model that was applied in several eastern european countries is a very good example.


Godde said...

with all the catastrophic social, political, and economic problems afflicting Jordanians, you obsess over the profits of a multi-billion dollar corporations. With all the killings, occupation, and genocide committed by the people who profit from the film business, you obsess over their rights to make more profits? Why?

nasimjo© said...

hmm ... good points godde ...
But ... You took things extremely imperialistic!

its more about protecting the country's own creativity opportunities... and its own intellects.

The best example to give is eastern european countries' in this domain.

The increase of intellectual property protection showed up alot of local products in the Music, DVDs (under-licensed production of international labels, that is) and Software domain.

Why should we be always dependent!

Dar said...

Yeee 3aleina , leeeeh heik !!!!!! 3ad it was the only thing good about it !!!!