20 February, 2008

Exclusive Radio News! European brand "Spin FM" ... SOON IN JORDAN!

NOTE: Spin FM started broadcasting, details HERE
One of the biggest investments in the radio industry is coming to Jordan, i dont wanna say soon, as it already started.

Soon, on your radio, you'll gonna start to hear a new European Radio brand, not only in Amman, but in other parts of the kingdom as well.

The Brand is ..... Spin FM

and there will be actually two Spin FMs, one original western music Spin FM, and the other would be Spin FM Arabia.

Photo from Spin Irland
Who? What? Where? When?

Lets see ...

The company that got the license for Spin FM in Jordan is called "Arab Modern Radio Broadcasting Corp", not quite a known name ,,,, but it might be clearer if i get to tell you that this company is a sister company of another company that made appearance lately in Jordan, called Accelerator Technology Holding, which got famous lately with the newly introduced VSAT Internet services in Jordan, as well as its entrance as a strategic financial investor in jeeran.com.

Now, who are the people behind Accelerator Technology Holding and/or Spin FM Jordan. Well, we have quite well known jordanian, regional, and international names, such as Fawaz Al-Zoubi, the ex-Jordanian minister of ICT, and a major share-holder in Rubicon. Plus, Jamil Sultan Al Essa, from Agility Logistics and Sultan Center. Citizens Communications' Maggie Wilderotter, Orascom's Naguib Sawiris, and Sam Zell chairman of Tribune Company, owner of major american media outlets and TV networks such as ABC and Fox. As well as Sbeih Al-Masri, the master of the Zara group, Cairo Amman Bank, and major tourism outlets in Jordan such as Hayatt Amman and the Movenpick resorts.

But, also on the list of owners, is, the one and only, Irish businessman Denis O'Brien.

Who is Denis O'Brien? [source]
Denis O'Brien, (born April 19, 1958 in County Cork), is an Irish entrepreneur. An Arts graduate of University College Dublin, an MBA in corporate finance holder from Boston College in 1982, and an honorary doctorat holder from University College Dublin.

O'Brien is a Mobile Phone Telecom Entrepreneur, and a telecom Entrepreneur in general, as well as a Radio & Media Entrepreneur.

Communicorp Group Ltd, which was formed by Denis in 1989, launched its radio operation in Ireland in the same year and followed with stations in the Czech Republic in 1992. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Communicorp has grown and become a major player in the Irish & European media market.

The company now owns 42 radio stations in 8 countries across Europe. Consisting of the following list of radio stations:

Dublin 98FM
Newstalk 106-108 FM
Spin 103.8
Spin SouthWest
East Coast FM

Kiss 98
Kiss Hady
Kiss Morava
Kiss Publikum
Kiss Jizni Cechy
Kiss Delta
Kiss Proton
Country Radio
Radio Beat
Radio Jizera
Radio Spin
Radio 1

Juventus Radio
Sztar fM
Radio GaGa

Radio SWH
SWH Rock

Radio Uuno
Radio Kuku
Radio 100fm
Dinamit FM
Radio U-Pop

Radio SuomiPop
Groove FM
Classic Radio
Metro FM

Nashe Radio Network

BG Radio
Radio 1
Retro Radio
Radio Nova
City Radio
Radio Veronika

And as you can see among this list, Spin FM's brand is a major player in the Group's radio network. Also among the network are a variety of radio station that Communicorp Group took over, and some other famous brands the Communicorp got license to operate, just like the NRJ brand, which is owned by The NRJ Group, and which Communicorp got licenses for in Bulgaria and the Ukraine.

Quite an interesting investment from Communicorp Group in Jordan if i shall say, and in my opinion, and according to the way Communicorp Group's radio stations are conducted and managed abroad, and to which i listened, and still actually listen to almost daily online, those 2 radio stations will be just a start for their movement in Jordan.

One of the best things I liked about their radio network, is the variety of radio stations' genres. For example, and as you might have read previously in my famous radio comparisons post, Communicorp owns and runs Prague's only Classic Rock Radio station – Radio Beat, Prague's only Alternative music Radio station – Radio 1 Praha, and Prague's only country music radio station – Country Radio.

Just imagine having in the near future, a variety of themed oriented radio stations ... and by the way, having a,lets say, rock & alternative music radio station doesn't mean we should get imported radio announcers, and should mean that even local and regional rock and alternative music makers should be taken into considered in such a radio station .. and i guess Communicorp understands what am i saying here, and applies it in some parts of this world :)

O'Brien and his Communicorp's investment in the Jordanian media will be their 1st investment outside Europe in the radio industry, and I can assure you it will gonna be a successful one, and will not end as MBC Group's silent withdrawal was made from the Jordanian Radiosphere. Not only this, but it will be a start for further international investments in the Jordanian Radiosphere, who knows, maybe Virgin, or even NRJ, or maybe SBS will be next ..... So my dear Jordanian Media corps, please try not to ignore what noted earlier for you. And lets not forget that you, Jordanian Media Corps investing on the jordanian radiosphere, are the ones that made this market a rich one, and attractive enough for international groups like Communicorp to get into it with their European "Spin FM" brand.

UPDATE: The station is up and broadcasting on air
Click here for all the details


cancer said...

do u know how can i contact this station please?

nasimjo© said...

cancer, yes i know. drop me a line on nasimjo@gmail.com

nasimjo© said...

The station is up and broadcasting on air

Click here for all the details