14 May, 2008

3ein, the new-generation weekly newspaper.

Yesterday, while getting the daily newspaper from the traffic-light newspapers distributor.I got this free supplement small-size newspaper. an interesting new one on the scene.

Its called 3ein عين. and its branded with the arabic letter (ع) and in short i can call it: "The New Generation weekly" ... its social, its political, its realistic, its the new fresh mind, of the same real world we are living in.

The newspaper is the 1st arabic publication by JO Publishing, and the 1st newspaper issued by Al-Farida.
The newspaper is ran by a bunch of professional young journalists, meeting together for the 1st time even. just like Pheras Hilal(I Wonder why he deleted his blog!) and Mohammad Shamma.

I liked the 3ein's topics, contents, design, and even the way it was distributed with daily newspapers yesterday.

Way to go guys

Photo courtesy of Lina Ejeilat

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