23 April, 2008

Jerash Festival Stopped!

Yes, Unfortunately, the great festival that made stars all around arabia, and the only festival in jordan that had the possibility to get international. was just turned off ... just like that!

I know the festival was going bad lately, but instead of developing it....

Then the 25th , silver, festival ... was the last!

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kinzi said...

Yea, did someone fall out of favor?

I heard there will be one in Petra now, Dowzan wa Awtar will be playing.

Ali said...

I am disappointed that the government did not resort to the same vote-rigging and buying tactics to prop up Jeresh festival attendance. I bet you if you pay same people who sold their vote same amount to attend Jeresh festival it will be a full house and it's for a worthy cause. But i guess to them, power is more important than some worthless cultural event.