05 April, 2008

n@simjo 3.0


As promised, a new version of blogger is finally there running on my blog, with a new RSS Feed as well (please update your RSS if your still using the previous atom.xml one), and all the new blogger features.

Also, a notable change in design and blog make over was done (Apparently, no more coral pinkish color :D). I hope the annoyers who didnt like the previous theme would like this one :P

del.icio.us bookmarks are also ON now, and add this will help you bookmark any post on a big variety of web networks, from your account on Google, Yahoo and even Facebook.

Hopefully, more would be coming soon around my blog, like moving my Jordanian Airwaves guide in here. and adding some hotlinks, and labeling old posts.
Its just that i'm not having that much time to do it all, so bare with me. I'm still accepting your suggestions.

Last but not least, this make over got me much more less rating on google. despite all the URLs are the same!!!!! I got really confused from this, and i'm feeling pretty sad about it:(

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