16 April, 2008

Motorola.. In My Life

For those who don't know, Motorola has been a major part of my life, as well as my family life.

in the family, we had over 10 different Motorola mobiles until now.

It all started back in 1998, when my father got his Motorola D520 .. this one was rocking big, 2x12 characters monochrome screen, and .... it was the 1st device to have encrypted transmission of voice over the network!

(apparently, and the last :P).

Later, came my mum's Motorola Talkabout T180 .. this was an amazing

improvement. especially when it comes to the weight and size. and the one my mum had was fully black ... very stylish if i may say. I inherited

the phone after that, at the 1st times of my uni life, back in 2002.

That is, when the Motorola Timeport T250 entered the house:) this one

worth about 250 JD was acquired from FastLink with my dads post-paid line with only 20 JDs ... that was a rocking offer, for a rocking phone.

Tri-band, blue Optimax backlight (a.k.a laser in jordanian terminology ;) ). voice recording, built-in answering machine and voicemail, auto

answering, voice tag phonebook, and ever IR (which i never used). All of those were one of a kind features back in 2002. & despite the fact that

the mobile got stolen in 2003, my mum bought another similar one, and she still has it (but not use it).

Meanwhile, & since i'm obsessed with radio, I decided to run up for an FM Radio Mobile phone, my option was again the "KOOL" Motorola v2288. It was some sort of an advanced talkabout, with built-in FM

Radio & earphones, colored in Orange, with 2 rubber covers (when of them was the umniah kind of yellow :P). This phone was probably the most

powerful i ever had, it dropped several times from the 2nd and 3rd floor with no problems, I remember we even used to play volleyball with it :D
It brokeout at the end, actually, only the transmitter/receiver unit had, it still turned ON and OFF :D

The story continues with Motorola in my family, after got her Motorola L6 (or

actually i got her this as a birthday gift last year :P), a cool high-tech device all of today's usual stuff.

On the other hand, my story with Motorola continued after that with iDEN devices.
iDEN, a technology from Nextel and Motorola, available in Jordan throughout Xpress Telecom. runs on awesome powerful Motorola devices, with integrated GPS, data-packet and wap, to some multimedia cool stuff, you got it all there, with both direct phone calling and PTT.

A part of Project BiSCA took advantage of this technology, and i still keep my Motorola i265 device until now, and use it for mobile internet surfing, as well as PTT, phonecalls, and the GPS features.

I got board of this i265 actually, and aiming for an i850 ... if any one has got a used one, please don't hesitate contacting me :D

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hamede said...

I got i880,one of the best.