09 April, 2008

SoftFeeder .. for hungrey software diggers

My ex-university colleague, peer at work, and partner in Project BiSCA, Ehab Al-Hakawati, has recently launched his own website, SoftFeeder.com

The website was fully programmed by ehab on J2EE Technologies, no Ready CMS, no Ready-made blog software. 100% his own code. As well as his design (well, with some icons inspired and gripped from here and there).

The website is mainly oriented towards the software apps and utilities hungry computer users. As it mainly feeds its visitors with download link-outs and description for softwares as they're released.

Last but not least, the website has an interactive commenting platform for its members, and an RSS feed to keep its visitors updated with what's hot and what's not around and about.

The site's URL is: www.softfeeder.com

Oh... its been ages since i've posted a geeky post :)

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