21 April, 2008

0% taxes on Energy reduction products.. including Hybrid Vehichles

Last thursday, the government announced reducing all the custom taxes and VAT on all the products oriented for reducing energy consumption. Be it solar panels, solar ACs and fridges, consumption reduction light bulbs, energy control panels, isolation construction materials, and .... Hybrid Cars & Vehicles :)

Finally, We'll be seeing more Toyota Prius cars in jordan other than The Minister of environment's car. actually, there is a good set of hybrid cars in the market out there.

Not only this, but how about some hybrid ran urban public transportation. other than thus urban buses are the top of the top brands, this will assure a flat rate for urban public transportation regardless of fuel prices.

Flat rates = stability
stability is an attraction
=> 100% attractive for the people in my opinion.

So there's MAN bus getting things done with Siemens for such a bus.

& Mercedes Benz is releasing its Hybrid Citaro G in less than a year from now.

a Part from the neat European technology, GM had already did it in the states, and over 1700 Hybrid Buses are driving the urban US streets nowadays.

GM debuted the hybrid technology for transit buses in 2003. Demand has been rising steadily each year. Later this month the 1,000 th GM-Allison hybrid-powered bus will be delivered to the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada.

More about GM Hybrid Buses here

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Anonymous said...

the government announcement was removed :) i guess they changed there minds :)