20 August, 2007

21 new Urban buses out from Elba to the streets of Amman

Today marks the release of the 1st bunch of new Mercedes Urban Buses manufactured by Elba House Jordan for the CMTC to operate on the Urban Ammani Bus routes.

This 1st bunch consists of 21 brand new Mercedes Buses, pretty similar to Mercedes Conecto buses, but a bit bigger, those are low bed buses that provide high accessibility to disabled people. and the the number will increase monthly until reaching out the number of 116 as far as i remember.

Personally, I've seen the buses my self in test drive, since i do live near the Elba House factory on King Abdullah II St. Elba has been testing those buses, as well as new Agralebuses after importing 40 Agrale chasis from Brazil. and to be honest, the quality of their manufacturing is getting much more better, and you'll gonna notice that when riding one of those new Elba Mercedes buses that will operate on the streets of amman through CMTC.

I do personally hope the CMTC to take care of those buses, because, honestly speaking,I've been criticizing CMTC of the being extra careless of their buses, and a good example of this are the Daewoo buses inherited from the days of Asia Transport Co, which are in a worse status now then when those were part of Asia transport, and supposedly, this alliance that made the CMTC should increase the attractiveness of using urban public transportation in Amman, and this implies an increase in the quality, and taking care of the fleets status is part of this as well.

Cant wait till i experience one of those buses my self.

UPDATE 23-August-2007: The Buses are not operating yet on the street, because they weren't licensed yet, and the traffic dept did not accept to license them due to the fact that they do not conform several standards.

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