10 December, 2007

The Biggest Xmas tree in Europe

The biggest Xmas tree in europe this year happened to be a romanian one :)
after over a month and a half of hard work, it was upthere, 76 M high, 2 million lights ,,, and loads of other millions around Bucharest made from the romanian capital a European Christmas jewel :)

300 workers, Romanians, Portuguese and Brazilians worked for one month and a half for realizing the biggest Christmas tree in Europe. Having 7th floors, 76 meters height and 300 tones, the huge tree lights up the Unirii Square with its over 2 millions lightings. Christmas_Tree_in_Bucharest.jpg The inauguration of the Christmas tree gathered over 70.000 people in the heart of Bucharest and caused many traffic jams. But the people are proud of having the highest Christmas Tree from Europe in their city.


Here are some photos for the tree, I found them on flickr, Thanks for Ana Maria for uploading them.

More photos from other lights around the city are available here, here, and here.

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