06 July, 2008

Dabouq's peaches and apricots are the best!

Yes, Dabouq's peaches and apricots are the best I have ever tasted. Mouth watering, tasty, and so ... naturally ... unfake! (like the products available around in the market).

Why do those fat money people buying and building in Dabouq are wasting those pleasurably amazing trees, and building hotel-sized villas to live in them ... alone!

some of them care only about having more and more cement, more and more rocks ... like if they are burying their selves alive!

Others might add to that a forest of palm trees! Palm trees are not for dabouq!!! Go have a villa in Azraq or Mafraq or Ma'an, and put palm trees there!

Just take a look on how many trees were (or could have been if they werent), in place of just several villas around Dabouq.

Anyway, in case you pass by there anytime, and see those kids selling their products, stop by and grap some from them, they are awesome, and half the price of the fake products at hypermarkets. You need to support those locales against the temptation of selling their lands to multi-millionaires.

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Ali said...

Man, don't you know that Arabs in general and people in Jordan in particular are anti environment and hate plating trees, instead we keep building and building, amman is such a dull white stoned place on earth, once long time ago (more than 30 years ago) we used to have trees. what happened to public parks, forrests, have you been to Zay lately, it's discusting!