09 July, 2008

Photos from Diana Krall's Last night in Amman

Just awesome :)
A. W. E. S. O. M. E.

everything, the setup, the place overlooking all Amman, the big meteorite crossing Amman's sky at 8.15 PM before it started, the performance, the music, the voice, the breeze, Diana's respect to the call of prayers and her pause of performance for that (which i have never seen in any arab artists performances). everything , everything, everything :)

Some photos from Reuters Pictures via DayLife says it all. (Click on Photos for sources)

and last but not least , a photo of the audience, in which i was missed by only 1 seat ... 1 seat and i could have been on photo from Reuters :(

More Here by Naseem Tarawneh
More "REAL" photos here as well


Maher said...

darn it..too bad i missed it!
i had all the intentions to come and enjoy the show..
bas i had work o i couldnt come.. :S

was it packed house?

nasimjo© said...

Maher, 1st class and 3rd class was all packed up and full.

only some empty seats were left in the 2nd class

Ian Weller said...

Hey, thanks for the link. it was a blast, I'm glad someone got decent pics. I was in the 3rd class

AMP said...

so the reuters photos are a lot better!!! but i've still got video. :-)

AND i broke the rules.

nasimjo© said...

ian ... i was 3rd class too :)

amp, yeah, well, yours rock as well

Qu.ing said...

aww i was hoping that i would be able to watch it, but i couldn't since i would have gone alone :(

Aveen said...

AMP/Nasim how can I watch Diana Krall's video??

nasimjo© said...

Aveen, you can see them at this link:


the link is linked out at the end of the post