18 September, 2007

Back to Jordan

I'm Back to Jordan,
just came on sunday dawn, so for those who didnt know, yes, i wasnt in town..

one thing that i mentioned as i got in town is Zain's camping, its like, they are a life provider not a telecom provider! what the hill!

I dont need all those crappy stuff and ads that ur making my life better, because you wont make my life better with your screwy customer service, nor with expensive rates and old style policies!

so let orange and zain keep crappy adds in town, while umniah is continuing to provide service-oriented ads and the best service, rates, offers, and even quality (in both technology and services to be honest with you, in jordan, and even the region). and continuing to break the 1 million active subscribers record.

anyway, ill be publishing out a series of posts soon, to fillout the 2 weeks gap that i had.

so keep pinging :)


kinzi said...

Welcome back, Nasim! I read in a comment of yours that you were away somewhere!

I do love Umniah's ads, very clever.

nasimjo© said...

thx kinzi ... yeah i was in romania for vacation and in the czech republic for some kinda of a non-business related business :)

abu_alfouz said...

yes man, zain's advertisements are about life not telecommunication services!

Here is an examples:
مخططي البياني
زجاجة عطري
علبة مجوهراتي
خطي السريع