26 September, 2007

الملك يحسم الجدل > لا قيود على المواقع الالكترونية

Via A Petra News article, available here , here, and an exclusive table talk available here via Ammon News, which has been holding quite a unique position launching a camping against the electronic media censorship in jordan.

يعني في مسؤوولين ما بيجوا إلا بالبهدلة ... و من قلة حياهم ما بقبلوا بأقل من بهدلة سيدنا

خدلك هالنمرة مثلا:
ولم يؤيد الحكومة في متابعتها للمواقع وان يكون القضاء سبيلاً لوقف حراكها الا مدير الاذاعة والتلفزيون فيصل الشبول .

مش قلتلكم مبارح هاظا البلوغ مكيف، الرجاء إغلاق الباب بعد الدخول...
سلمت يا أبو حسين


The Observer said...

hehehe! 3njd bas beejo bel bahdaleh!

How many times have the king to interfere in their work till they get it?!?!

He told them the other day, if anyone can't hold the responsibilities entailed in his position, lets him resign!

I guess it is time for them to do so!

Qabbani said...

that good things finished in peace :D

nasimjo© said...

Observer, I guess it is time for them to do it ...

Qabbani, kol kanoon ma6bo3at w 2ena b5eir :)

Queen Imelda (whose comment was deleted by me), please Do not post off-topic comments. when I post about Oil you can re-type your comment in there.

Pheras Hilal said...

Nasim! So this is the blog that Dustin told me about! Thanks for the piece of news, I've already made my theories on the matter. LOL.

Shaden said...


Great news

kernel said...

e7na sha3eb mas2ol mish bn7taj raqabi (H)

Anonymous said...

Dear Roba Assi: You removed my post below on your blog entry.

how come those who pretend to be freedom of expression fighters are the ones to censor at the drop of a pen. i posted something and you deleted it. you want to criticize but you don't want to be subject to criticism. what hypocrites.


"This year’s [annual Ibn Khaldoun essay contest ] theme addresses the relationship between free-market economic policies and freedom in the Islamic societies. "

That's an easy essay to write, because it's no more than a sentence.

For free-market economic policies in the US to thrive, freedoms in the Arab world must be subverted. Freedoms mean scenarios like Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, all produce nationalist regimes and movements that are too independent for the US and its security and economic objectives. For America's interests to be preserved, Arabs despots are needed to do America's dirty work to the determent of their own people, and in return they get American protection and approval. remember the congressional bill declaring the last Jordanian fraudulent elections "free and fair elections." Do you think the US wants to see elections in places like Saudi Arabia that will produce a regime that will make sure no American military base will exist on Saudi soil. In return for the despots' services to uncle sam, he closes an eye on the massive corruption and destruction of national wealth and the destruction of progress and freedoms. Fact is the more an Arab country falls under American hegemony, the more repressive and corrupt. the more it moves away, the less repressive and corrupt. and PLEEEEEZZZEE do not regurgitate US propaganda about axis of evil

But I am surprised you will share with us a contest of an organization run by zionists such as William Sumner, card-carrying neo-con and a registered republican, the party of arab genocide.

Some Jordanian bloggers are so persistent about shoving the US as judges and juries of our progress down our throat when the rivers of blood never stopped s and the support for despots never ceased. Why?