11 October, 2007

HM Queen Rania seen to donate for Play's Toys of Hope @ C U Soon Supermarket

Yes, Her Majesty Queen Rania was seen yesterday at "C U Soon" Supermarket, dropping off toys for Play 99.6's Toys Of Hope.

She also called Play 99.6's Orange Big Breakfast show earlier this morning around 7.35 - 7.40 AM.

I go to C U Soon often! especially for Ice-cream :P I never saw her majesty :(
hehe ... kidding, Good morning everyone. Good Morning your majesty, U got awake before me apparently :)


Anonymous said...

what toys are going to to do if the children are hungry?

nasimjo© said...

anonymous ... I dont think children in orphanage houses are hungry! what they miss the most is probably feeling as children, being love from parents, playing and enjoying their childhood.

even this wont cover their pains, but it will reduce them. which is good after all!