14 October, 2007

Radio Guide Update: Sawt Amman on 105.1 FM

The classic music radio station transmitting on 105.1 FM started to air an identity jingle that goes like this: “Sawt Amman, soon on 105.1”.

This identity jingle, which is being said with a typical English accent since it is done by Dan Harper from Play 99.6, has been 1st played on 105.1 at the beginning of September, but suddenly didn't any more, and now its been back on air for the past week or so.

The station doesn't have an RDS name yet.

The station's name got me confused, weather this station will gonna be the Greater Amman Municipality radio station. Because it went on soon after the GAM announced it will be opening a radio station, and at the same time, i know that this station is owned by Modern Media Corp (Play 99.6's owner company), and they are the ones who bought its license!

Anyway, in case it will be GAM's radio station, they must note that the transmission range is pretty poor, and that the transmission when started should be in Arabic not in English! It can be bilingual, but Arabic should be involved in that!
If Not, I guess I'm enjoying the classical music being aired in there, but the playlist should be updated as i got to know what shall be the next piece even!

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