14 October, 2007

Radio Guide Update: Yarmouk FM on 105.7 FM goes 24/7

Yarmouk FM, which was launched a year ago by the Yarmouk University in Irbid on 105.7 FM. Evolved from a 2 hours a day transmission to a 24/7 transmission with all sorts of programs being broadcasted on its airwaves.

& by the way, this evolution is turning Yarmouk FM into the THIRD community radio in jordan after Radio Amman Net and Sawt Ma'an... not the 1st as those at "Internews" claim.

and by the way, this station was a joint effort between Al-Yarmouk University and Internews" .

But I wonder why did they put some Ads on the streets of Amman!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Khalaf said...

I suppose that the adds in Ammman are an attempt to attract advertisers. Too bad it is not broadcast on the net.