11 June, 2008

Amman City Tour - Part #2

After writing about the Amman City Tour in the previous post, and how much of a beneficial and mature touristic project it is for Amman.

Here is the full path of the Amman City Tour around the capital in this map.

The remarkable track starts from Down Town, to The Roman Theater down-town Amman, to The Citadel, Abdali, Weibdeh, Shmeisani, Gardens St, to Al-Hussein Park, City Mall, Mecca Mall, via Mecca St to the 6th circle, to Sweifieh (Wakalat St and Barakah Mall), to Abdoun Mall, and to under-construction Crown Mall in Abdoun beside Blue Fig, to Abdoun Circle, then to the 3rd circle and back down town again.

The Amman City Tour Bus stops are marked with such panels:

The project has also a website, well, which is under construction at the time of writing this post on www.ammancitytour.com

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