19 June, 2008

Ahlen FM went crazy on June 18th

Yesterday, June the 18th, between the hours of 18:00 - 21:30 (or at least those are the ones i mentioned). Ahlen FM just went crazy, with 2 seconds of Kylie minogue's track (can't get you outta my head) being played, stopped, a null period of 5 seconds, and back again ... and again .. and again .. and again! until around 9,30 PM, when things got back to normal! (with continuous non-stop music) ... maybe when one of the owners tried accidentally to tune in!!!

Just cant understand when this station will become a "REAL" radio station! What is al-dekka broadcasting getting from it, no commercials, no shows, no interaction, no nothing! just continuous western music and imported radio shows. pre-ordered, with RDS-RT and thats it! and its been like that for what, 3 or 4 years now!! Gosh!
this is what i call "A Mute Radio Station", remember!


Ali said...

Just to keep u informed Nassim, this radio station is owned my a turkish money laundry firm and it is located on Queen Rania street. It also had a cover up adsl company that shut down 1 year ago. need more;)

nasimjo© said...

I know by whom its owned, and where is it located. actually, the owning company is Al-Dekka for Transmission technologies, owned by turks, and they have been making several transmission antennas and transmitters in the region.

Its not a money laundry firm, but the owners do have some financial issues in turkey as a half turkish friend told me.

Ali said...

Hmm, I heard alot form people who used to work there that its a money laundry firm

Anonymous said...

Mmmm interesting gossiping going on here.Let's watch it how it goes :)