11 June, 2006

Radio Ahlen FM provides a Value added RDS service

Finally, Ahlen FM, a station that i've been considering for a while now a simply (useless radio station), that its owning and operating company has established just as a way to promote their broadcasting technologies, since it's operated by a company that provides broadcasting solutions for several mass media corporations inside and outside Jordan, and mainly in the booming audio-visual media sector in Turkey, they finally have something interesting to provide their listeners with more over than just random non-stop music, played by a computerized system.

Ahlen FM is now providing a Live RDS service that displays the name of the artist and the name of the track that is currently being played on air. A service that would really add a nice experience for the listener, weather being in the car or at home, (s)he will be able from now on to know the exact name of the tracks being played on the airwaves, a technique i consider very suitable for non-stop music sessions and playlists, and even a better one for a station like ahlen that doesnt have any Djs, shows, news, nor any prepared content to be played on the air.

RDS by the way, stands for Radio Data System. A service that can be gained using special radio receivers, but most of the new receivers and car audio systems have RDS nowadays.

Most of the stations in the Jordanian airwaves do have a typical level of RDS service, which is displaying the name of the radio station.

RDS first appeared in Jordan on the frequencies of Radio Fann FM, displaying the stations name, frequency and transmission tower location. Also, enabling another nice default service by RDS, that is, a soft switch technique between the station's frequencies across Jordan without the need to preset the frequencies or seek for them, if any of you got in a car that has an RDS audio system, drove from Amman towards Irbid, and tuned to Radio Fann FM on 104.2, the radio will auto switch to Ajlun's 94.3 FM at the Rumman Area, and auto switch to Irbid's 91.1 FM a couple of kilometers before the town of Husson.

Now i wounder how nice it would have been if Radio Amman FM had an RDS system and displayed the score of the match through RDS for the listeners ;)
cool dreams, ha ;)

PS: Soon, my radio guide will have a make over, one that would be made across the summer to provide more services for its visitors, including, for example an RDS icon for station that provide such a service.

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Anonymous said...

That is really nice. I was wondering sometimes about the singers while I was listening the stations.Now I have to buy radio player which has RDS system enabled. :)