11 June, 2006

A Private Jordanian Radio Station is playing a DIRTY GAME!

Yup, a certain private English-speaking radio station that operates in Jordan is calling its (so-called listeners) that are participating in their shows, claiming that they are a company calling it self “Audio-Visual Research”, which is ,as you might have guessed already, a Phantom name for a company that doesn't even exist, asking those who they are calling about their favorite radio station, and changing the question into radio stations in case you don't put their station first!

Also, they'd be asking you to give a listen to some certain tracks they'll be playing you on the phone, asking you to give a rating for the song, and weather you had enough of it on the “Radio” or not.

They have called me over a week ago, and I've answered all their questions honestly and incestuously, and only after i've ended the phone call with them started some analysis about it, followed by an investigation around and about, the resulted that my other friends that have contacted that station in the same period of time that i've lately did received similar phone calls from the same number with the same purpose.

Besides, no company popped up with the name of “Audio-Visual Research” or any similar related even in this period i've been investigating the issue.

So, let me result of my analysis for this incident:
The Phone number that has called me and called the others i know (others were called from another number, but a similar one) carryout the numbers of this radio station's frequency on the airwaves, a popular trend in todays Jordanian companies and enterprises.
The lady calling, asked me for the station i usually listen to, have said another station but that station she asked me: “Aren't there other stations as well”? Answering with the 2nd station on my list, she asked me to mention Three stations. Telling here that this station im suspecting here is my 3rd choice, she replied in unsatisfied manner: “Hmm, This is what i needed!”.
Next, all the songs she asked me to rate, and weather i had enough hearing them on the radio or not were, particularly, from that station's nowadays playlist, and from that station's style of music, particularly as well.

I'm not, and will not be publishing the station's name, but this is a message for them, and i personally know that they do follow my Radio Guide page as well as my blog, that this is an improper game their playing, since the most probable scenario would indicate that they'll publish their “RESEARCH” in the mass media.

What kind of research is this done on those following and contacting a certain radio station! Even though they got some “so-called disappointing” opinions from some of those they called, just like yours truly.

Some ethics anyone?!

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Basem said...

In my previous work back in Jordan, a market research company conducted a whole research on behalf of our company without our CONSENT! They used the whole of our corporate-identity bundle to deceive its participants that’s it’s a legit entity doing the work for our company.

What’s even more aggregating is that they bluntly came back to us, offering the data they’ve collected for us at a premium price. In case you’re wondering; we were not gracious, in fact they were sued & the data was taken for free, with a listing of the participants who took part in the survey (in order to send a formal apology).

The moral of the story is that it’s probably a slick market research company pulling out this trick on behalf the station without their consent!

nasimjo© said...

basem, I dont think its some1 taking off their name, but vis a versa actually,because they didnt declear their identity.. but im the one who figured it out!