13 June, 2006

Umniah's Blackout

For the first time since Umniah got in the Jordanian GSM atmosphere 10 months ago, Umniah is facing today a BLACKOUT!

I guess they should start to take the number of half a million seriously now, as well as the fact that umniah subscribers are heavy calling users.

fortunately, being a GSM 1800 network and 3G upgradeable, the blackout is not total..
its somehow movable between the areas and cells. and its a funny blackout, for example, for a certain period today, i was able to call anyone and receive calls from anyone but from and to Umniah Subscribers (even to-from a mobile that is next to me!), but i was able to SMS with them!!!!

Weared, this is my 1st unhappy exerience with umniah,,, i personally hope it wont get repeated again!


Moey said...

damn man, umniah roaming works fine.

Opairah said...

today I got-up afternoon check my mobile -> ops no operator or logo OMG... again I thought the mobile decided to suicide as the older one do :( , oh, I must call some one to tell him about the apointment I've tried to use my brother cell with my umniah sim's -> same problem occured
aha, its UMNIAH LOZERZ again :)