20 June, 2006

Emap Performance UK makes new jingles for Play 99.6

Did anybody mention that Play 99.6 has some new jingles around on the air, specifically for The Fine Morning Show and The Fastlink Drive Back, those seem to be made by Emap Performance UK, which is a UK-based production company specialized in making radio jingles.

I figured out from the style of those jingles, because i know most of Emap's productions are similar to each other (actually most radio production companies adopt a theme for their productions).

I like Emap's way in producing radio jingles, and i personally consider it one of the best in the world along with the US based Jennifer Vaughn (whose sexy voice is brilliant, and some jingles made by her are played on Radio Jordan FM, specifically LC Listeners' Choice ;).

I only have one note regarding those new Play jingles, the closing can be neater, i don't like it when the jingle girls say “Play 99.6” rapidly in the end, i dunno, it could have ended with “Play!” like the other jingles play do already have instead of squeezing it like that.

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