11 June, 2006

Watch The World Cup for Free on TV

Yes, Officially, this is THE ONLY TV station that will broadcast ALL the matches from this years world cup, and that would be availble for FREE on our Satellite Receivers across Jordan:

Sat: Turksat 2A (Available at 42.0 Degrees East, along with Turksat 1C)
Channel name: Kanal 1
Frequency: 12008
Polarity: Hor
Symbol Rate: 4400

So, Watch it there, and lsn to the arabic comments on Radio Amman FM.

for those outside Jordan: Watch out, only the countries in the map will be able to watch, since the channels coverage is limited (Picture for details)


Ahmad Humeid said...

Nasim.. Do you know if it is possible to watch ARD (Das Erste) on Astra in the Middle East. I watched th eopening game on ZDF yesterday on Astra. But today I tried to get my receiver to get ARD/Das Erste without luck.

Any clue.


Firas said...

Humied: No you can't!

ASTRA covers most of Euorpe and parts of North Africa (Tunis,Algeria and others)

Even if you used amplifiers it will cost you a fortune!

I guess Nasim's got it right. Only Turksat is showing the thing and I think those in Arab Gulf countries needs a bigger dish.

So the only possible way to watch the WC is on Kanal1 and rumors have it through channel 2, that is Israel 2 not to be mistaken with mbc2 whose logo resembles the former so much

Thanks Nasim for the info! :D

Firas said...

Oh okay, sorry I don't have much info, maybe you should try a bigger dish or something!

Do you get BBC on ASTRA?

and life goes on... said...

thanks a lot! this is priceless...

Opairah said...

[...] the topic had been added to my Blog for importance [...]

mozzy said...

I watched all the games on ZDF on Astra (with normal quality).

All you need is a 2m dish dedicated to Astra and a high building ;)

nasimjo© said...

lets see...
Mozzy, yup, u need to have a minimum of 2M and a dish well fixed to Astra Sat (talking about the German one here)...

But ZDF will not be airing all of the matches as far as i mentioned!
the aired the 1st day's games as many others.

opairah, thanx for making me a masdar mawthuk ;)

firas, no, you
are right about it, even BBC 2 will be hard to get in the middle east since it covers extream western europe only, other Astra Sat(talking about the British one here) channels have a coverage as the one you mentioned, so you'll be able to get them in jordan with a 2M well fixed dish, just like Sky News and CNN.

Humeid, try SF 2 on hotbird, in case you have a meta-box the receiver will do the work and decrypt it, SF 2 can be broken with a 3 JD Viaccess Pirate Card, and it broadcasts them ALL (Garanteed by yours truly).

Killer Bee Bop said...

Or if you only have Nilesat, try this.

Killer Bee Bop said...

Bah, here is the good link.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just read your comments up there! unfortunately, Kanal1 is also out! so does anyone know any other alternative?