10 June, 2006

Watch The World Cup for Free on Amman FM ;)

Yup, You can watch all your favorate World Cup matchs with Arabic comments and local jordanian analysis of the games...
Exclusively accross jordan on Radio Amman FM (Frequencies available on Jordan's Radio Guide)

99.0 FM in Amman Greater Area,Zarqa,Mafraq

95.8 FM in the North(Ajlun,Irbid,Jerash), also reaches to the west bank, and southern syria and lebanon

105.6 FM in Aqaba, also reaches in Taba, Sharm Al-Sheikh and Nwebe3 in Egypt

105.0 FM in the Jordan Valley


Jad said...

Did you say "Watch"?

Opairah said...

hey nassim... i've opened the radio on my mobile but I cant watch any thing :( ... I make a call for umniah's service center they told me its not an operator problem, So, i've used my fastlink cell. the same occured either.
is it MMS problem or wt ?! any way I've activated "waiting service" for more info.
help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

nasimjo© said...

jad, this is what i call "ROMANCE" :)

Opairah, I told you yesterday on the phone to buy a new flash memory slot for the phone, and let it be DDR instead of SD ;)