10 June, 2008

Amman City Tour

Have you seen the BIG RED BUS :)

An interesting amazing touristic idea had bloomed and announced just a couple of days ago in Amman.

Amman City Tour, is a 100% successful project that the GAM is starting the summer tourist season with.

Yes, we finally have city tour buses in Amman ... finally, well, the buses are not top-chopped buses like in some european cities, & well, maybe that wont work with your heat waves. but they are remarkable enough

The buses do round trips all around the ancient and modern tourist attractions around the city. continuously until 9 PM in the evening, and 6 PM in the evening during the winter.

The buses can be boarded using smart cards that are sold in tourism agencies and hotels, which are valid for 24 hours since the 1st boarding. the round trippers and can get down from the bus at any station they want, at the citadel for example, spend some time there, and then get the bus again, since they pass every 40 minutes.

The smart project is cooperated also by Mesk Tourist Transportation Co. and the buses are pretty remarkable as you can see in the Ad.

Smart Card Prices are 10 JDs for foreigners, and 5 JDs for Jordanians. also, a Jordanian Family Pack is available for 10 JDs.

The Route of the buses around Amman are detailed HERE


Tala said...

thats a great idea, is their a guide on bus? i think i saw one and i thought that its like the 2 levels buses because its big, hmm.. should try them out :) thanks for the post.

whoever is doing this project, i hope they maintain the buses on the long run and keep them clean.

Onzlo said...

Really good idea, so many tourists who come to Amman seem to not know where to go. But they should also sell the tickets on the bus itself.

nasimjo© said...

tala, Yes, there is a guide on the bus. the bus is big, but its not a 2 level bus.

The bus operator: Mesk, is owned by a very quality careful person, he cares about each and every detail, so trust me, the will keep being maintained.

Onzlo: Exactly, same thought here. while about the smart cards, yes they are being sold on the bus as well. actually, currently you might not find them at the hotels and tourism agencies points of sale. and are being sold on the bus.

Haytham Nasereddin said...

Hay Nasim,

Thank you for your blog , it is really great to feel that people start to appreciate what you are doing :) , amman city tour project is running finally , and you did give a overview of our project.

i am welcoming any suggestion or any idea to enhance or to develop.so please do not hesitate to send to me at h.nasereddin@ammancitytour.com what ever you like.

thanks a million

Haytham Nasereddin
Business development Office

Nadine said...

This service ended up being quite a disappointment today actually. Some people are waiting for over an hour at a stop, and the bus passes by and doesn't stop at a designated spot.

The routes of Rainbow and Webdeh and some downtown are now cancelled it seems coz buses are too big for old small streets (duh!).

The buses are often seen cruising empty, and the dude that sits by the driver usually has his feet up on the dash, and music blaring.

Great idea, lousy service. No people follow up. No soul. Another headline only project with poor implementation and a huge disconnect between theory and reality!

Very sad and frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nadine, send me your email - ynlqndr@yahoo.com.

khaled said...
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khaled said...

Reply to nadine sorry but am the dude that sits by the driver but my feet are on the ground usually (unless ur own cams see another thing ), one month working in this project i think what it needs is just more marketing in the "HOT" places like for example the airport , as i can expect this project can be the tourists first choice what it needs more ideas to improve the services and i don't think blaming will do anything but you know what WE ARE ARABS so we must hear this ;) ,
Khaled Abu Ali
Amman City Tour bus guide