06 September, 2006

Ads making visual polution in Bucharest

I guess most of you right now know what the term "Visual Polution" means ... Ads, Ads, and yet more Ads .... everywhere!

in case you thought amman is full of ads ... then have a look at Bucharest, Romania's capital city.


Probably the most annoying thing i saw was what is in the next photo... Ads sheets covering buildings faces and windows! UGLY!

old historic buildings that are 100 years old or more, instead of being reinovated, they are used as spaces for ads... this building in the photo is being used and located!

Here you can see what is called, Ad Poles, they became more like Ad shawerma,since those advertisers dont even have time to remove whats on it, they just STICK IT!

Now can you believe this is one of bucharest's biggest shopping centers, that has been there since the communists were ruling, Unirea Shopping center has been reinovated from the inside and the outside with a modern face of tined glass and fibers ... but look! its now an Ads huge panel .... some times you cant even figure out there is a building behind there.


Moey said...

evanescnece's album is leaked since last weekend, i got the zip file

dust said...

You should receive a prize for writing such an entertaining article. Or at least a well deserved round of applause.

nasimjo© said...

glad you enjoyed it :)