06 September, 2006

Tuning in home!

While I was in Romania (by the way, I got back from there in case you didnt know, just several days ago, by bus as well of course).. I had the chance to get my hands on a SOLO 500 TECHNO-IASI radio that was made during the 1970s.

The over 30 years old radio “instrument” was made by TECHNO-IASI in the city of IASI (spelled IASH) – Romania.

The radio receives ( still ... ) broadcasts on 4 bands, including SW (The Short wave) which is entitled by the communist culture at that time on the radio as (The US band!), most probably because the western Short wave band was the way the west was broadcasting for the USSR and Eastern Europe's nations through radio stations like Radio Free Europe, the BBC, VOA, and others.

Anyway, I used this 30 years old radio that i found in some friends radio in the romanian country side to tune in home throughout the shortwave SW... and, I succeeded :)

I was able to hear the 2 PM news from Radio Jordan's Arabic Broadcasting throughout an SW frequency that i didnt know its orientation, because the signal was some how weak. (In case you do not know, Radio Jordan Broadcasting's Arabic Service broadcasts on over 9 SW frequencies at different time of the day for different regions of the planet), and heard several “Jordanian” songs after the news including “Bel 3askaria” by Bashar Al-Sar7an :)

Laters on, around 4 PM in the evening, I switched the frequency to SW 11690 Khz, and bingo, its my favorite radio station in Jordan, Radio Jordan FM (or well, not that FM using SW), didnt really expect to get it with such an old radio, especially that 11690 Khz is oriented towards Western Europe & North America, whilst I was able to get it in a good-V.good signal in easter Romania, just around 150 Kms from the ex USSR frontiers! Interesting :)

It was really nice to tune in for 3.5 hours to our home station (Jordan FM) internationally on the SW, and it was even nicer to hear lots of great tracks from the 70s till the latest exclusive hits on Jordan FM, tracks that are that new so that no radio station in Romania even “know” about it!

And on SW! Again, its Short WAVE! Amazing!

And really made me proud!

Just for your information, I was able to get in addition to the 2 Jordanian radio station: BBC Arabic (Of course), Radio Cairo, Radio Quran of Saudi Arabia, and an Iraqi-lengo speaking radio station (Not really sure if its the Iraqi government's, or VOA's, or the kurds, or maybe Iran's!)

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