25 August, 2006

Why isn't Anyone watching the world cup nowadays!?

Yeah, for real ... the under 20 women World Cup has started on the 17th of August & it will last till the 1st of September... & believe you me, its hotter than the men's :)

Here , 1st of all , all the countries that has under 20 year women football teams can participate, without pre-qualification tournaments , like men's. ( & I'm Really wondering why our Jordanian team aint there! coz they play well after all!)

Here , everything is almost the same except for some facts:
- broadcasting licenses are almost free & TV channels are not buying them! people ain't killing their self either to watch it ... I'm watching it on Eurosport (Its on Eurosport and Eurosport 2).

- the event is being held in Russia, a country not capable of hosting the men's WC.

- the stadiums are empty, mostly!

- Fifa broadcasting guys are giving away the same quality of shots and production, but During the match, don't get surprised if the director switches to a camera focusing on a couple french kissing on the stadium!

- players standing in a defense wall have , somehow a different position :)

I Guess I'd let some pics speak for the event :)

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Samir said...

I watched some of Germany vs. Switzerland. No offence, but they play like girls.

I noticed how they are Thinking about the next move they want to make and they always wait for the slow passes to reach them. The whole situation needs a "fast forward" button to become a bit more exciting.