02 August, 2006

New Urban Public Transportation buses in Amman

Al-Thelal Transportation Co. has recently added new Urban Public Transportation buses to its fleet.

Al-thelal, known for its Mitsubishi Yellow colored buses, got new Mitsubishi Ghabbour urban buses (which are yellow as well), that have digital displays, following ASIA transport Co with the idea of having digital displays informing about the line and route of the bus.

Unlike their older Mitsubishi buses in fleet, which were mainly dedicated to certain routes (ASIA's buses weren't dedicated to specific lines though the line number and route board was static before installing the digital displays earlier this year, cause a lot of confusing for the passengers), those ones are not made in Jordan. In case you don't know, the fleet of Al-Thelal was entirely consisted by buses made in Jordan by ELBA, under license from several companies. Actually, the Big Yellow Jordanian Mitsubishi buses that Al-Thelal bought from ELBA several years ago were the first Mitsubishi Urban Buses model in the whole world, and Mitsubishi's Magazine published about it then.

So starting to install these digital displays will result in having the buses managed freely in a better way on the routes that Al-Thelal is operating.

Finally, the new buses can be seen on Line 52 (University of Jordan – Sport City – Wadi Saqra Street - 5th Circle – Wadi Abdoun Street – Ras Al-Ain – Al Taiebat Village – Dawwar Al Sharq Al Awsat in We7dat).

And by the way, they have better seats than to be called Urban :)

More: http://nasimjo.blogspot.com/2007/11/blog-post.html

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