07 August, 2006

Off to Romania ... by BUS!

Yup, ill be leaving this thursday to romania for several weeks, and ill be going there by bus...

Dont get amazed, i already went through the route 12 times :)

and its nice, believe you me, and worth it!

so ,,, i might be less active on my blog for a while, and i dunno if ill be able to post pics from there ... but i well after coming back hopefully.


Dar said...

I want to envy u , i always wana do a long trip like this by bus or car or watever ............ anyways hope u enjoy yr trip !

Roba said...

wow, on the bus? how long does it take to get there?

Firas said...

Have a safe trip.

How many stop overs are there?And how long does it take?

So it's Syria,Turkey,Bulgaria? Nice, though I'm not sure if I could handle such a tip in bus :D

Good luck and hope to see you back in here!

Moey said...

hey man, enjoy every second of it..
I've been to turkey on a bus trip, awesome..
btw, I found this apartment for u in lweibdeh, email me back so i forword u the img, take care

nasimjo© said...

Ok!ok!ok! Roba & firas,ill be replying on u with an entire post 2mro.. Moey,i guess mine will be different as it wont be a managed trip,i dnt think ill hv time2go check the house tho,but thanx.. & dar,ull find how ez it can be:)