07 August, 2006

The Jordanian Quran Radio bought by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs

The Jordanian Quran Radio, which was owned by the Jordanian Broadcasting Corporation, had been bought recently by the ministry of Awqaf and Islamic affairs, in order to develop a new perspective for the radio station, especially after the competency that has appeared in this field of radio station as well after launching Hayatt FM, which, in case you're asking me for my opinion is doing pretty great with its all sort of social, religious, and education programs, attracting quite a range of people that didnt use to listen to the radio, as well as listeners of the Jordanian quran radio, which turned in the shadow lately.

Apparently, there is more and more lack of trust from the local authorities in the Jordanian broadcasting corporation. That is after the Jordanian armed forces started its own radio station, the police department is starting its own radio station soon as well, the municipality of greater Amman broadcasts its news and announcements on Radio Amman Net even before it started broadcasting on FM airwaves, and even the Jordanian football federation contracted with ART to broadcast and promote the Jordanian league for the next season, instead of JTV!

And now, here comes the ministry of islamic affairs taking over the quran radio, despite the fact that there were many voices calling on the jordaian radio to maintain and improve the programs on the quran station (there were never programs on the station by the way!) even years before the existence of hayatt FM, in ramadan at least, but they were always ignoring it!

PS: this post was intended to be published earlier

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