07 August, 2006

The Open Door

On October 3rd ... finally!

By the way, you can hear Evanescence's latest single: "Call Me When You're Sober" on Radio Jordan FM and on Beat FM


Opairah said...

oh man,u hear Evanoz :)
u don't told me that

Moey said...

I have the mp3 on my blog :P search for it, maybe last week or something /me uploaded it

nasimjo© said...

Ibrahim.. Im officially evanascence's biggest fan in jordan.. I hv over 85 tracks by them.. And deployed 2 fanatic web pages once upon a time as well!

Moey said...

i have the album, webrip :)

Anonymous said...

i'm just want to know when u'll share the songs of the new album... Thanx alot for supporting ;)

nasimjo© said...

Dear anonymous,

this is not a peer-peer or pirat download website!

anyway, you will be able to hear the album exclusively in Full this Tuesday at 10 PM on Radio Jordan FM on 96.3 FM in amman, 90.9 in northern jordan, and 99.7 in aqaba, or www.jrtv.jo on the web.