25 August, 2006

Pluto ... not a planet any more..!

Yup, a surprising news that i heard just last night.

Astronomers of from around the world have just voted for excluding Pluto from being one of our solar system's nine planets.... & even categorize it under the category of "Small Objects" instead of "planets" .. along with asteroids... & ... Others! details here

I really wonder what action will those from Pluto take when they hear the news of excluding them from the "Solar Union" ... will they revolt, will they find another star to be part of its "Union", or will the just be happy and celebrate their "freedom"!

Did the human astronomers consult our neighbouring martians about their decision, or do those martians only think about Venus's chicks, and simply don't give a damn!

& what happened to the humans from a certain zodiac sign that have Pluto considered as their sign's planet "or exhausted planet for now!"

will we see marches in the the streets for members of this sign asking for the astronomers council to get their planet back into the "Universe of Planets", or will they be immigrated to another planet!

Anyway, hope "Jordan Planet" will not be a destiny for those new immigrants! its already too crowded!


Rash said...

Just when you think we would find more planets to add to our solar system we'd loose one.

Anonymous said...

this is a weird site