07 August, 2006

For Beirut... on Radio Amman Net

Unfortunately, and because i can't get Radio Amman Net in jerash (it transmits from wadi saqra, so it aint an easy way for the airwaves to reach here), i didnt notice Radio Amman net's show that has been on for over a couple of weeks now, for Lebanon, entitled (Le-Beirut : which means "For Beirut"). But yesterday when Mr Daoud Kattab (the co-owner and manager of the station, published about it in his website).

The show, as described here is daily between 16:30 – 17:00, deals with connecting people in Jordan with their relatives and/or friends in Lebanon, and also had an influence in the Jordanian community and authorities regarding the Lebanese refugee people suffering who came to Jordan, and about the Jordanian citizen case that has been killed in Israeli raids trying to get out from southern Lebanon with his family.

I really hoped if anyone would have posted about it earlier, or suggested the subject on my Jordanian Airwaves Guide through the email available for those issues.

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