02 August, 2006

علي نون

Man, this guy, Ali Noon, Al-Arabia's reporter is sick of what is going in lebanon......

no, its not enough that the poor people are sick of it ... (since the rich ones got outta there a whole while ago .... i saw many Lebanese people with Lebanese matriculated cars in luxury hotels in Amman, the dead sea, and aqaba enjoying their selves with Cuban cigar, fine wine, caviar, and other BLAs,like if there is nothing happening in their country ... and the people are collecting money to help the Lebanese population while those fat selfish guys “and gals of course” are wasting money on their selfishness ), its not enough that we are sick of it ... hearing all kind of stories of whats happening there on and off line (since sometimes u get to hear stuff from people coming from there that u cant hear on the media), and its not enough that you get discussed of some “selfish as well” media outlets “specifically TV stations” in their way of “analyzing” and “discovering” what is happening in there, and from the

Ali Noon was yesterday on the news at 11 PM saying about the war that it is turning into direct selfish confrontation between the Israeli army and Hezbollah, making it for the both parties the “Um Al Ma3arek”, saying it ironically in a way that he continued saying: “la bal wa Abuha wa Ummoha Wa O5toha”!!!!!

If it reached to have a well know respected reporter, an office chief reporter even, of a respect TV station to say all these stuff in such an irony then we should know that things are “BAD”!


By the way, in case you'd have read my comment on roba's post earlier last week, you'd have known that i didn't post anything for a while now because I'm out of words of this dirty war ..... but Ali noon broke my silence yesterday.... i cant stand it any more....

أبوها و أمها و أختها ...!

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