02 August, 2006

An Ammani Taxi driver that listens to Mood FM!

The other day i had a ride with a taxi driver that was tuned to Mood FM!

No kidding, I was amazed, the man (who is in his late 40s) was a calm man, a good driver, and a good music listener, he was even singing with the some songs on mood fm that i didn't know my self!


So, if you firas happen to get a ride with mr ma7asiri in his year 2000 Nissan Sunny, please tell him that you read about him on my blog ;)


Moey said...


Parton Words said...

I'll make sure I mention it to him if I ride with him in the near future...althought that's not terribly likely

Firas said...


I'm still angry or even angrier on most cabbies cause they are forcing me to walk 3.5km almost everyday afternoon because they won't take me were I'm going (Azmeh azmeh), no need to mention their crappy attitude and all. I think there are many nice,poilte and educated cabbies out there.
Anyways, I don't see what's so strange about a cabbie listening to mood fm, that's becuase I don't listen to that radio station, actaully I never listen to the radio at all.

Anyways if I happen to get in his cab, I'll make sure to point this out to him. Maybe you should have told him directly :D?

So I'm now the connection between JPers and cabbies :D?

Mish fahim, Adroobo wella A3zemo 3ala gahweh...shu el mawdoo3 bel zabt?

nasimjo© said...

Hehe, just tune in at anytime to 92.0 fm mr firas to know what i mean. No,i told him that he's the 1st one i get in with and listens2this kind of music,he was happy2hear that as well. Yeah man,the jam is terrible nowadays,this's why u should start taking public transportation instead of taxis