18 September, 2006

Pope is not Christianity, and Muslims are reacting on Christianity!

It wasn't enough that the pope, by the name of who wants and who doesn't from whom he claims to be representing along with the Vatican, declared that Islam is an aggressive religion... but Muslims their selfs worked, as a reaction on his comments, to prove exactly what was commented by him!

I mean, what even more stupid can be, the reaction of some stupid Palestinians (that claim Islam on their side) by throwing bombs in the churches and cathedrals of Palestine, where the massive majority of Christians, as in any other Arab country, are Orthodox, who do not even believe in the right of the Vatican and their pope to represent Christianity as a religion!

And do Palestinians really need more conflict than what they are already in! The conflict with Israel, the internal governmental conflict, the internal groups (cause political parties do not act like Hamas and Fateh do for sure!) conflict, and do we really need now a religious conflict?! SIGH!

Loads and loads of people, and organizations commented on the popes speech the other day like if the pope and its Vatican is representing Christianity and Christians all over the world! A thing that is absolutely wrong! Because all eastern Europe countries' (including the greatest Russian) Orthodox patriarchies for example deny the rights of the Vatican and their pope to represent Christianity and Christians, that is as far as the european church is concerned. While the oldest 3 churches of the world: The eastern orthodox church (in Palestine, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon), the Egyptian Coptic church, and the Syriani Orthodox Church (in northern Syria, Antakia, and turkey in general) all deny the Vatican's right to represent Christianity, and the way its representing it. And those last 3 mentioned here have been living side by side with Islam for the past 1400 years ... so why now, are some of us, Muslims, taking such ugly reactions against Christianity rather than the Vatican as a fake entity for Christianity, that was generated by the mid-age centuries rulers, and re-empowered by todays huge powers of the worlds!

If the action taken by the Vatican's pope was wrong, then the reaction on it taken by some Muslims was worst. Its just a game of teasing, and some stupid people easily dropped into the hole!


adel najeh said...

if you exclude the stupid people who attacked the churches in palestine (and they are few & don't represent the palestinins)..you find that muslims are handling it well!

Nas said...

i agree with everything you said but the failure to distinguish between catholics, orthodox or copt, is the same failure the western world exposes in not distinguishing between an extremist and a moderate, a shia and a sunni or even the viewpoint that all Muslims are by default terrorists.

ignorant people will take one sample and apply it to all, be it Islam and Muslim or Christianity and Christians. A mosque is a mosque and a church is a church regardless of who prays inside.

anyways, whatever Muslim harmed a christian or a church is probably going to hell for defying the commandments of his own religion. so talk about shooting oneself in one's foot.