07 September, 2006

The Trip in photos

As previously promised , here are some photos from the trip i concluded by bus to romania.

This photo illustrates the only building that can be seen from the air in bucharest, the romanian capital, its the ex-communist leader (Cheaushesku)'s palace. in case you dont know, the only building that can be seen from the air in amman is Le Royal Hotel.

This is just outside the building where i live in romania, you look to the right & you find this.... any one missed some greenary in jordan :)

Romanians, the rich ones out of them really do care about getting a "Cool" car, just like this one :)

& Since my trip was by bus, I have took lots of photos from turkey, since the trip includes around 1600 Kms accross turkey.

This is Antakia's new bus station, in the inside of the station, its not big, for a small city in southern turkey and only 50 Kms away from syria, but its too neat & nice!

This is the bus I travelled with in Turkey, A Mercedes Intouro .. & Yes, with HAS, the company linked out here. & Yes, thats a personal 4-channel Audio System :)

Istanbul Bus station is another success in the Turkish transport system, it has 2 levels! the people get their buses from the 2nd floor :) this is the station from the inner side, where cars and taxi's are allowed, on the other side from this circulatic building the buses park in their lanes.

This is Mercedes Travego, the most luxurious coach bus mercedes ever made

Taking some pics of istanbul, this is how the asian side looks from over the bridge on the bosphors.

whilist, this is the european side,

& This is the bosphors, also in the photo the 2nd bridge over this piece of narrow sea, and Fatih's castle, which was the 1st place he gained in europe in his battels with the bizantian emperor.

Istanbul of course is a typical european city after all, with loads of high buildings

from harem on the asian side, ordinary turkish people take the fairy boat to the european side, istanbul is that big so that getting to the bridge will take alot of time, not forgetting the money, and the bridge tax in case of having a personal car.

also taken from harem, this is an oversea view of topkapi palace, which was the center residence for the otoman rulers, appearing in the picture is SultanAhmed's mosque, and Aya Sofia cathedral, which was built also as a mosque-alike architecture.

in istanbul, there are 100s of bus routes, and no supporting information system for them! simply everyone knows what bus to take anywhere, this is what is called an urban public transportation friendly community.
beside the euro standard urban buses, those turkish made "OTOKAR" are also in use

& last but not least, the radio airwaves around turkey are soooooooooooooooooo jammed, the TV as well with around 95 TV stations working in turkey.

just have a look for a hill in istanbul & u'll know what i mean.


Rebecca said...

Hamdillah salameh. Great pics of Turkey.

Anonymous said...

"the picture is Sultan Ahmed's mosque, and Aya Sofia cathedral, which was built also as a mosque-alike architecture"
Aya Sofia cathedral was built by the Byzantines about year 600 while the Sultan Ahmed's mosque after the Turk occupied Constantinople about 900 years later. So the mosque was built according Aya Sofia style not vice versa. Both buildings are beautiful, the first one plenty of light while the second one majestic as all roman building.


Oula said...


this looks wonderful...
can u tell me details on how such journey is made... My husband and I would like to go by bus, or maybe drive, to Europe! Thanks!

nasimjo© said...

Rebecca, thanx.

tanzia, yes ,,, i know, I've been there 4-5 times already.. its just that i didnt want to confuse the picture viewers looking for a classical church architecture.

oula, its easy... check my previous detailed post... It might be better by bus though, the Leter of Gasoline in Turkey, as the rest of europe ranges between 1.2-1.7 Euros, so the bus would be more relaxing and less expensive.

and by the way, the company i travelled with in Turkey, HAS (check the link up there in the post) can get you to Sofia, Bulgaria, from where another division of the company would provide you service as far as italy and austria.