08 October, 2006

A change in a “Mood” ..... FM!

Did anyone figure out some changes in the music being played on mood FM?! I've noticed that they are recently starting to play some new songs, that , in my opinion, somehow do not go with the flow of the music they usually play, not only this, but this behavior is getting more and more obvious, with several songs back to back! And sometimes with redundancy!

As a listener that wants to turn the radio to Mood FM, having enough of Play, Beat, and most of Jordan FM's redundant junk stuff. I'd be switch to Mood FM in order to have some quality music, goldies, moody, or 70s & 80s disco hits.... but since a while back now i started to hear: Rihanna with “unfaithful” (WHAT! YOU HEARD ME RIGHT, even here), Craig David with “whats your flavor”, Modjo with “Lady” (Though i do believe this will gonna be very suitable to be played on mood, until then i should get married and have a couple of kids), and way much more of mark Anthony than they used to play!

I'm not against Mood playing new stuff, but those should be carefully selected! For example, and since they do have a specialization show for Jazz music, they can play some stuff from Diana Krall's latest album (which no station in town played any track of it, except for a single DJ on Radio Jordan FM, and not to be really noticed on the air), some of you might say that Rihanna's “Unfaithful” for example is somehow suitable to be played on mood, but, lets remember that Rihanna is an R'n'B singer that has nothing to do with any of the styles being played on Mood FM, having a single track released as an imitation wont ever make rihanna suitable to be played on mood FM, not even to be played once in a week, so how about 3-4 times a day!!!!

Of course, Diana Krall and Rihanna were just two examples to give.

Something is to be done regarding this! I do not by any mean accept such a change in a station that I used to give my trust in those sleepless nights full of work that I used to have, where I used to tune in from midnight till the next morning while working non stop, with each and every moment more and more enjoyable with the fine selection of music being played on Mood.

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