08 October, 2006

An ex-colleague I've dreamed of!

The other night I had a dream, where one of my university colleagues had appeared.

This ex-colleague that goes by the name of Dina, is a person that used to study a major other than mine, but we accidentally took 3 courses together, starting with an english course in the 1st year, to a sociology course, and later a Human Civilizations course. And mainly our relation was sort of official, “too official” sometimes maybe, and it didn't exceed the limits of ( Hey, how is it going, how are your marks for the past semester, merry xmas, have a nice day, don't you feel cold, its raining cats and dogs outside) ... and so of such formal passing question each and every time we happened to see each other around and about. While in lectures, which were quite discussion-based lectures, we both always had close political and sociological thoughts and ideologies, and we both covered each other's opinions several times against other students opposed thoughts and attacks, without even arranging it.

But, the other day when i woke up after seeing her in a dream (though she wasn't the scope of the dream, she was just a person that appeared among the tens of people that i saw then), i said to my self: “Why hadn't our relation been closer than that?! I personally was found of her thoughts and strong personality in comparison with the majority silent females caring about nothing but silly stuff!” ....

“Wasn't it healthier if we would have known each other better?!”

“Wasn't it better if we would had a mean of communication between us in order to keep in touch and ask for each other's help when we would have needed it!”

Sigh! Wasn't knowing such a person in a better way better than more of the junk people i got to know in this university life!

Questions, where answers do not really worth to be answered now! All i can do now is to open the year book, see that person's picture and say: “wasn't she the one i saw in that dream the other night!?”


Firas said...

يا زلمة هاظ إنتا واقع منيح
مسكين الشب عقلو ظرب من الحب
الشغلة مبينة، نازل تحلم فيها و قصص رومانسية و حب و غرام
وظعك صعب،

هلا جد، ليش ما تروح تحكي معها بصراحة؟ إزا لهدرجة مش قادر تنساها لازم تحكيلها عن مشاعرك، لا تخاف قول قول عنا حرية رأي

بس مش لازم أزكرك إنو عنا قانون جرائم الشرف، بلاش يشوفها أخوها إنها إبتحكي معك، أصلا منيح ما يقرا هذه المدونة

روح صارحها قبل ما يجي الشب تبع أمريكيا المقرش و يخطبها و تصير حالتك أصعب داير في الشوارع و حامل قنينة حداد و شنينة

nasimjo© said...

3azeezee Firas, La 7ob wala ma ya7zanoon:P

w ba3den kolha hal marra elli shoftha bel 7elem.

w kaman, 2ana zalame ma ba5abbee eshe, I'm a stright forward person...

ya 2akhee egra el Post mnee7 2abel la tnazzel 7akee 3al comments, bengollak 2ana graduated, w she graduated, w kol wa7ad ra7 b6areego, men wen beddi arrou7 a6abeg moktara7atak el rahibe!

w ba3den mesh mestahleh el shaghle 3arag! 2ana bas kont atzakkar gadesh el bent 3aglha ntheef w 3ndha ra2ee syasee libiralee, w mashalla 3aleha, w 2alla ehanneeha o ekhalleeha la 2ahelha ya rab!