29 October, 2006

Dear Licensed Microsoft Windows user, thanks for being a FOOL! (Part #2)

After the big stories of failure success in part 1, my licensed microsoft Windows Home XP is back with another bug, this time in relation to opening the contents of a 2.0 USB flash memory.

So you plug it, as you do always, its light goes on, and you open "My Computer" in order to "explore" its contents .....

What ..... Hello!!! any body there, refresh once, refresh twice, nothing!

when putting the path in the address bar, BUNGGG! what! not found! ouuuuhhhh!
opening the DOS prompt (or the command prompt application as microsoft likes to called) ... holly Falafel its there!

and in this picture you can see how does "My Computer" looks like...

So, whats next then! opening any non microsoft application, Open Office or Acrobat Reader for example, File->Open ..... AND ITS THERE!



Qwaider قويدر said...

Dude, it's E:\ not E:/!
Saba7 el full!

Qwaider قويدر said...

Oh and your non-ms application is using a windows standard open box ... in other words, it's Windows seeing the drive for you :D

Opairah said...

Na.C.em : did u heard about "Bad User" expression ?! :P

note that u can't play games without Windows, don't tell me check the supported list ( og3od estana la yeji el-faraj )
don't forget that I am a Linux user, there is no perfect in this world.

Good note, Qwaider.

nasimjo© said...

like if E:\ worked :P

by the way, the non MS application (Open Office's) File Browser is a JAVA component that renders directly from the hardware in an OS rendering style, while visualy, this is called (Platform Theme) in Java, which is either Windows, GTK (a.k.a linux) or Mac...
if you don't believe me, go and read its code,,, its OPEN :)
cause IE for example could not see it :)

of course restarting windows solved the problem, the thing is that Microsoft might understand the limitations of a usual user, but why on earth does it limitate all its users to what limitations they might be considering, for example, in the creapiest linux OS you'd ever try you will be able to over come such a problem with a mount command for the device in a local directory.... el WINDOWZ KHALAS TANA7A.

Opairah, but after paying all this money on a licensed copy, does it really worth it for such a stupid thingy to appear!

it never appeared on my Hacked pirated Windows copy! im discussing the value of what I've paid rather than the OS faults as raw as you might think.

shareket-linux-el-urodon said...

7bebe nasim a3sabak !!!
at least when u restarted windows it worked, when i bought my first flash memory i cried to make it availabe on linux :'(
but of course that does not mean that windows is not a BUG, for God's sake y3ni elli 3amlen el flash b2olo "f..... windows compitable" wel windows mtanne7 :@
btw i dont think that open office apps read directly from hardware, maybe they uses low level system calls to access the hardware, which are provieded by MS, this means that MS are using THEIR API worng in I.E and other MS application :D

Qwaider قويدر said...

I don't want to sound like I'm defending windows. All I want to let you know is that 99.99% of all hardware issues you see, are hardware manufacturer's issue not windows. Anyway..
You seem to have an issue, maybe it's hardware related, maybe it's not. But NONE of you applications are able to access USB directly, it's isolated by the OS so if WHATEVER sees it it's windwos that has provided it for you

I would say, go for linux, don't look back and keep us updated with all the stuff that really don't work for you :)