22 October, 2006

Radio Guide Update: WATAN FM

The station powered by Al-rawa’e Media that got a license to transmit on 100.3 FM in Amman and 92.7 FM in irbid finally unveiled its name.
The station is entitled WATAN FM.

And it will be an Arabic spoken radio station that will include both: entertainment as well as news and political shows.


Anonymous said...

just want 2 askd hows this in jordan kter 7abeb esma3 akhbar ? it a bad idea ...kter


nasimjo© said...

mara7, though i didnt understand what u've wrote that well (you could have written that in arabic!)

but 1st of all there are people with a variety of tastes out there, and thus there should be a variety of radio stations to match those tastes.

and by the way,in well developed radio spheres in this world, u would find out that the best radio stations in a country or another, provide their listeners with the best music and entertainment, as well as the best news and the most dynamic ones, something that we unfortunately lack here in jordan and in the arabic radio sphere in general.