07 February, 2007

Grew up in Amman in 80's and 90's?!

I got this in an email forwarded by a university colleague and dude (Waves to Mr Kernel :))...
and shall i say its very true ... and soo (ME & MY GENERATION :) )...
and loooooooooolll at Mujamma3 Bank Al-iskan being our Jordanian Disney Land :)

- You watched Al Manahel everytime it's on, and you know what does "Aqwa men
al Shadda, Ahda2 men Al Sukoon" means!

- You can recite the theme songs of Jongar, Grendizer, Al Rajol El Hadidi,
Lady Lady, Sally, Adnan Wa Lina, Al Haddaf

- You watched: Captain Majed, Sandy Bell (even if you're a boy), Judy
Abbott, Bell wa Sebastian, Al 7oot El Abyad, Lady Oscar (bass balash lady,
abu el shabaab), Labeeba (who we never tend to know she got hair for hands
or hands for hair), Sonbol, Tamtamm, Jazeerat El Kanz, Maymouna, Al Ra7alou
El Sa3'eer, Flona, Sindibad, Tom Sawyer

- You watched Eftah Ya Semsem, and later on in your life found out it's the
Arabic version of Sesame Street.

- You know the two flavours of 'Shokalatet Moody'. Yellow and Pink

- You bough from Dukkaneh:
Dam3a, Zaki, Double Wheel, Tootoo (Tweety), Raas El 3abed, SB 3elket
Ma5addat, Roco, Tiger Chocolate, Shebs Ringo, Askimo, Shukala 3ammar, 3elket
Mentaad, Halawani Shebs, Baskoat Marie, Katakeet, Mr Shebs (not CHIPS, SHEBS
- haha), Petra Ice Cream (the 'expensive' one with double layers), the red
ULKER chocolate with the cubes.

- You know the tune the Cotton candy man does (Sha3r El Banat)

- You played Ghommayeh, 6ummayeh or whatever you call it and when you touch
the 'place' you say "Kummesteir" and 'til now you don't know what the hell
it means!

- You know "Al 7ezam El Azraq" and you own at least one VHS or Betamax (â)
by them. WWF wrestling matches

- You had a crush on 3aroob Sobo7 (if you're a boy) with her show "Waqt El
Mara7" and if you're a girl, you had a crush on the always-wearing-a-cap
goalkeeper in Captain Haddaf.

- You sang "Happy Nation" and "All That She Wants" and thought you're
dead-on cool!

- You drew Fido Dido at a certain phase of your life

- You had a pair of big white sneakers, and most of you had Reebok Pump.

- Atta-Ali and Jabri were the best restaurants in town.

- You ate "7alaqaat El Basal" (onion rings) in Funny Bunny

- You had a SAKHR AX170 Keyboard and you played on it night and day.
"Masafa" was written next to "Space".

- You had an Atari, and somewhere in your house you still have that Joystick
somewhere in the house.

- You know Abu Yousef, and you can at least sing one of the three songs of

- In the back of your mind there's a song called "Tgool Ahwak" by an ancient
Jordanian band called Mirage

- You know that Atta Ali has 46 Ice Cream flavours! Beat that Baskin Robins!

- You attended weddings in Jabri, at Knafeh from Jabri, ate actual food from
Jabri and ate the Nestle-Lion-Imitation Tiger Chocolate (by Jabri bardo!)

- You know the tune of "Fares El 7alqa" from Yes3ed Saba7ak, every Friday
morning on Jordan TV.

- You thought that "Ya Ayoha El Maleko El Ajal" by that Sofia woman was the
new Anthem for Jordan, haha

- You remember the bookshops in Amman celebrating "Al 3awda Ela El Madares"
with you buying stationery.

- Your family had a workshop in the house, laminating your books' covers
with what is called "Tajleed Contact"

- You took ages to pick the 'suitable' name labels for your books

- After laminating the books, you go to school with some having bubbles in
them. And you know what you did in class with these

- You never called the Jordanian sole channel Jordan TV, it was always
"Amman"; and you watched American movies on "3amman El Tanyeh"

- "Yahya El Thakaa2!"

- You know three bees: Zeina, Nahool and Sewar el Asal.

- "Ayaseeeedi, Romo Yalla Hat"

- "Bestek Bestek Bestek NAW, Shukalata Jersey makla el GAW"

- You Had nightmares about Abu Shakoosh

- You wore "Boat Amigo Bedwi w Betfi", and walked proudly in the Jordanian

- You know "Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go, Go Go Go Go", Ferkat Sala7ef El Neenja
fee Mat3am Garfields.

- You actually saw a Monkey in "7adiqat al Tuyoor"

- You know the song "The Final Countdown" as the theme for Dehanaat National
(National Paints)

- You actually called Abu El Dahab center "El Dobb" cause there's a big
Panda there

- You consumed Zeit and Za3tar sandwiches in school that could feed 50
families for 10 years

- Your local Disney Land was Mujamma3 Bank El Iskan

- Your other Disney Land was Luna Park

- You cut your classes in school to go buy Falafel sandwiches from the
restaurant next to the school.

- You had (and may still have) "Kharabeesh 13, 14, 15 and 16" cassettes.

- Your third Disney Land was Da3saan Lel Tarfeeh

- Shebs Disco, colored fingers. And Shebs Bitza, rings for your fingers

- You watched the Quran in the morning, just waiting for it to finish so
you'd watch morning cartoons.

- You watched "Sameed" before school, and wondered how tyres actually taste


Anonymous said...

la da3i lal waves, i3zmni 3l 3'ada badalhom (H)

Anonymous said...

your forgetting fo7'le9 9adeeko al-7aywan, and how you cried when that black horse jumped down in the valley.

Anonymous said...

-If you colleceted garbage pail kids.

Issa said...

All our respect to DJ Abu Yousef..
Amman-Irbid-Beqaa-Sweyleh everybody talk about Abu Yousef!

manal yusuf said...

that was so intertaining, you mentioned things that we had forgot about, really it was nice but how can you forget eating burgers at Tom & Jerry's

abu_alfouz said...

:) 3njd nice .. bs keef tzkrt kl hai eltfaseel!

nasimjo© said...

abu_alfouz: i mentioned to you up there that i got it from a forwarded email.
more creative stuff are available here :

issa, its only Bag3a -sweile7 express :)

kernel ... mesh tanshoofak awal :P

Omernos said...

NASIM! hahahaha
ta7sheesh man, i started this over facebook and shoof where it ended! hahahaha