15 February, 2007

Guess whose the Dark BLUE plate number for.. while Research and Development is dead!

Yesterday: 14th of march 2007.
Time: 6:15 PM
Area: University street, in front of the Honda Showroom.

What happened?!
well, I saw a red Audi TT Hardtop. driven by a girl in her 20s.
Car number: 4779 Dark Blue!
YOU KNOW WHAT DARK BLUE means!? that this is a public university's Car!!!!

Do you hear me ministry of education..
Do you hear me council of higher education ..
Do you hear me Anti-Corruption Dept ..
Does anyone hear me!

Me, as a Jordanian citizen, and an ex-public university student who suffered from the lack of research and development support at university have the right to know how the car with the Dark Blue Plate Nr 4779 was bought instead of allocating the money spent on it for "USEFUL THINGS"!

and i WILL NOT let this just be a post in my archives I PROMISE.


abu_alfouz said...

m38ol !
u remember how much time we spent while doing graduation project to obtain just few resources for our project? what was the answer every time?

what was the answer every time we ask them to get anything?

u know .. i can see now that what we saw in that salaries file is just a small thing.

Moh'd Yousef said...

hey wassim
its shocking! i really wonder how it could be possible for her to buy or even register it with the university name!
I wished if there is a picture so i can help you out spreading the word. anyhow, I'll keep on following on your blog to know how we can make this not just another post in your blog...

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

while i totaly agree with your thoughts. the car is not an issue. there are some other explanations :

1- This car will not be bought by the university. It will just avoid custumes and other fees.

2- Don't Private Universities have dark blue registeration plates ?

don't get me wrong because i know how much university money is going in the wrong pockets.

nasimjo© said...

abu-alfouz: is there still anything mesh ma32ool!

moh'd: its nasim ... not wassim .. it was dark and i didnt have a cam with me!! I shall start taking it with me all the time.

isam: no, private universities have WHITE plates. only public university management can have those plates.. and should be supposedly registered in the university name

kernel said...

maaaan, u really should know when to give up !
after seeing what the "longly awaited IT collage" looked like i was like WHERE THE HELL THE MONEY WE PAID ARE ??
so a bunch of millions were stolen and covered by some college "ma bashtreha b shilin"
anyway, don't regret some thousands lost in car, especially if the girl driving it is cute ;-)