21 February, 2007

Save Debbin from "COOL" People!

Since approximately e v e r y b o d y promoted for signing their names on a website to save debbin.
So ... how many of those really do know details about whats happening there!
I'm afraid to say none!

Being a resident of Jerash for the past 17 years... I can tell you more detail:
The project was proposed and planned since over 3 years now.
I can guarantee that None of those who signed, promoted to sign, or the FOE members or founders know how much local public and authorities in jerash area have been fighting to get some investor to ACT for such a project.
I can guarantee that None of those who signed, promoted to sign, or the FOE members or founders have ever been to debbin more than 24 aggregated hours during the past 10 years. Or even 15 years!
I can guarantee that None of those who signed, promoted to sign, or the FOE members or founders know how much debbin did loose during the past 15 years because of being an un-protected forest were public mess out during the summer. And do not know that every summer 4-6 fires are set-up in the area burning out 10s of pine trees.
I can guarantee that None of those who signed, promoted to sign, or the FOE members or founders know that 10s of trees in the area are chop down every year illegally since 10s of years so that some of them would have wood coal and fireplace burning woods in their villas!
I can guarantee that None of those who signed, promoted to sign, or the FOE members or founders know that since a few years back even poor local people chop down trees in order to get their children some warmness during the freezing winters of the area because of the massive rate of unemployment and poverty in the area.
I can guarantee that None of those who signed, promoted to sign, or the FOE members or founders know that over 75% of the youth in the area and villages around debbin suffer unemployment. And the only job they do around the year is harvest their olive trees in the autumn.
The Project was to be started before more than a year ago. And the RSCN and Government stopped it until it got in with Jordan Dubai capital to an agreement about how things should go environmentally
The Project is an eco-tourism project, eco-tourism is available only in lebanon as far as arab countries are concerned. Does anyone around here knows what eco-tourism is!
The Building of the project will not be built in the forest! But in an empty area beside it.
I can guarantee that None of those who signed, promoted to sign, or the FOE members or founders know the number of trees that will be chop down in this project, nor the number of trees that will be planted.
The Buildings area will be planted.
The forest area will be totally protected.
The trees chop down will be in few numbers, and will be chop down to open roads to the project.
The number of newly planted trees in the project will be 10X the number of trees chop down in opening the roads.
The land of the project will remain property of the government! It will only be rented.
100s of locals will be working in the project directly.
1000s of locals will be working in the project in-directly.
If you dont want the project, be sure that residents of Burma, Khshebe, Majdal, Kette, Remon, Sakib, Na7le, Al-Jazzaze, Gaza Camp, 3lemoon .. and the entire Jerash Area WANT IT!

So ... Save Deebin by not signing!


manal yusuf said...

thank you for the valuable information, i hope people now have a wider perspective for this issue.

Save Deebin by not signing!

bakkouz said...

This is very informative, thank you very much for the clarification, I personally did not write any "save dibbin" post because i honestly did not have any information about the subject, but now after reading my post i have some info, and therefor i have removed the badge i had put up :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

Well done ... absolutely fantastic ... THANK YOU ..

Batir said...

Nasim...you can guarantee ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I will respond to your post with a lengthy post in my blog.

redrose said...

It does have a sense! Sorry we didn't hear about this before..tks foe clarifation..tks very much..I didn't post about this since I don't have background about this matter so let experts talk in.

Dave said...

You have me linked as a promoter, when in fact, I neither voiced an opinion for nor against. I can see valid points in both arguments, but as you said, it's hard to make a decision without all of the facts.

I just find it ironic that so much fuss is being made about a small patch of forest when people are gladly willing to destroy the ecosystem of the rest of the country.

moi said...

Thank you very much for this Nasim. It was very informative, and I'm glad to have heard it from someone who lives in Jerash, knows the challenges the population faces, and is able to shed light on the project. This is the most informative post I've read on the Dibbin issue on the whole Jordanian blogosphere.

Firas said...

Just for the record, I've put a disclaimer on that post saying that I don't endorse signing the petition for the time being and I've not signed it myself.
I was just asking my blog readers to check out the info posted on that site.
As you may have noticed, I've actually deleted the post (half an hour after posting it)hoping to get more information.
Now,the proposed number of trees that will be cut is actually mentioned on the FOE website.
Now, I personally know what ecotourism is all about. And I can assure you that I've been to Dibben for more than 24hrs in the past 2 years, but this is not the issue. You don't have to be living there to come up with right conclusions .

Anyways, if the local population has been counting on this project to provide new jobs , then let me tell you that they are such lazy asses! I mean they live in the most beautiful part in the country, a touristic heaven, fertile land, and they haven't put that into work for all these years. They are just like the rest of Jordanians, waiting for someone else to spoon feed them. Nevertheless the proposed project will create limited jobs. The main side that will be cashing in is the Emirati company and the government.

Anyways, if they are looking up for such project, they should work a little bit on their attitude.Especially those little kids who keep spitting on bypassing cars (based on actual eventS). I can assure you all these who posted about Dibeen, posted out of concern and their responsibility to take an action. Thier intentions are good, I personally salute them for that, but they should have checked out things first ,that's another issue. But questioning their intelligence or intentions is totally uncalled for.

Nasim you are right, but here is the thing, you could have delivered your message in a "nicer" approach , without making some assumptions, I mean how could you guarantee things when you don't know all those who posted about Dibeen.It's like signing the petition without reading it.

Now out of all Jordanians, those living in the North have better chances in establishing a thriving economy, why it's not happening is another story.
Anyways, you could create artificial forests (replanting trees) but it will take years to develop a new active ecosystem, so in the process many species could be endangered.

You had some valid points, but the way you've delivered them was not wise (I'm saying this because I know your intentions were good)

Ya Zalameh Cheer up :D

nasimjo© said...

Firas, I've tried to deliver it as comments on some of the above mentioned posts ... and they werent taken seriously... so .. this is what happened next ... this post.

I know 10s of families who have their local made traditional products wasted because of not having a way to sell them! I can assure you some people in the area do still have 5-6 years old olive oil, and 1 year old labaneh! Khshaibe, which is only 20-25 Kms away in a line of sigh from amman, is over 100 KMs away from its markets using a car!

Jordan Dubai Capital already had contracts with 10s of families for supplying them with local traditional products.. (forced by the government of course).

about the touristic attitude for the area's residents .. i agree it must be worked on.

about the link to ur blog .. i picked it from my own aggregator, so i didnt notice you deleted it.

and by the way, Debbin is "mainly" an artificial forest! just like most of the northern area's forests! it was planted by the British army in the early 1900s.

Batir, not even the number of trees FOE claim to be affected is guaranteed! but what is garanteed for sure is peoples hopes in the project.

Dave ... Yeah, i messed out the links, it was changed to some1 else's link.