14 May, 2007

Jordan Independence Day Meeting, 25th of May 2007

On Jordan's independence day, the 25th of May, There will be a bloggers meeting in Wild Jordan Cafe in Jabal Amman. starting 5.30 PM until whenever you can (well, mainly 9, if you want to move afterwards to Falafel Al-Quds I have no problem with it:))

People invited: Each and every person having a blog in jordan, or reading a blog in jordan. but without spoiling out the purpose of the meeting.

Number of people invited: Unlimited! all the way to down town amman :)

Purpose of the meeting: return the blogosphere back to the table, & celebrate Jordan Independence Day.. if u want just to socialize, dont come!

the meeting will also provide you an opportunity to see the jordanian flag! since you might have not seen it for the past 8 jordanian blogosphere meetings or so .... just to remind you its independence day I guess, I dont know the details behind this thing!


Anonymous said...

Thanks but no thanks. We have enough Jordanian blogospheres that are more inclusive. Want to have your own private club again? start a private Facebook account and make selective invitations.

Moey said...

can I come? If so please drop an email

nasimjo© said...

Dear anonymous, this invitation is not for people who cannot move their minds to the table for discussion and prefer to stay in their own nut shell.

you could have at least followed up my reply to your ex-comment, maybe you could have changed your mind about what you have mentioned in this comment.

On the other hand, just for a proof that JP was not a "private club" as you claimed in you comment and ex-comment. is simply "ME". I was a blogger on the JP aggregation list that had the order number of "27".

despite the fact I dont have a car, I've been using buses for the past 23 years of my life, I live in jerash for the past 17 years of my life, My family was once upon a time considered "Poor" and still considered of "the medium class", eat Falafel in the morning instead of Pancakes, know how to plant a tree with my bare hands, and even have political and social opinions that go against half of Jordan and most of JP members!

Moey, Everyone can come, even Mr anonymous as far as he will commit to the purpose of the meeting.

Yousef Barmamwi said...

why does everything have to be competitive. This smacks of us vs. them, which is absurd considering neither JP nor JB represent any ideology or any distinct lifestyle. Worse yet, why in the world should I or any other blogger endorse a Blogosphere like JP that was shut down by its owner because he did not want to be more inclusive? Want an arbitrary selection, go iTOOT. Want a Friend's club, start an email list. JP's owner needs to resolve the same issue that drove him to shut down JP. Else, this meeting is pointless.

Ali said...


Recently, with the great increase in blog numbers in Jordan Planet, the experience of reading blogs in JP became more and more unpleasant, add to that, the lowered quality threshold in accepting blogs to JP, made Jordan Planet filled everyday with posts that are not really worthy-of-reading. This caused complains and dissatisfaction from JP.

Isam Bayazidi said...

I am not sure how could you use "Jordan Planet" name for a meeting that I am not involved in.. you wanted to make a meeting for bloggers, make it, but don't involve me, or Jordan Planet name, if I didn't allow you to..

nasimjo© said...

yousef, this meeting was not, and is not, organized by the JP's founder, but by ex-members of the beginnings of JP.
and its not JP Vs. JB... I am a member of JB my self, and the purpose of the meeting is AGAIN (in case you cannot read) is to bring the blogosphere to the table, just like jordanian bloggers used to, when their meetings were under JP umbrella in JP's early stages..

If you want to go iToot ... go your self, start a blog, and wait in the waiting list a couple of years!

Ali, you cannot control quality and content in the blogosphere, this is why its "blogosphere" .. and the case you mentioned is available in all the aggregators in the world.

as for Mr Isam, may this be clear for the readers that Isam was the 1st person to know about it ever since the 5th of May, his comment came after being mentioned indirectly in some of the comments in here. it was my fault apparently,since i had to say its a JP-style meeting rather than a JP meeting. accordingly, the post has been updated.