23 May, 2007

Reminder: Jordan Independence Day Bloggers Meeting

This Friday, 5.30-8.30 PM.
Wild Jordan Cafe, Jabal Amman.

Who should come: Anyone blogger/bloggerate that wants to move the blogosphere to the table.

Why Should You come: to move the blogosphere back to the table.. well, and to watch the fireworks at the citadel at 8.30 PM :)

People who should not come: People that did not like the previous couple of lines above here.

How to reach the place: according to this map... Wild Jordan is very obvious in relation to several items around.

the rainbow street is the one in yellow. if u have a car, follow the green line because (and the detour signs on the street) because the beginning of rainbow street is currently closed.

I suggest you dont park the car at the Jordan River foundation though, because Jara Market is on, and you wont find a place to park your car. while in case you come with a cab or service, get down at Jordan River foundation and walk through Jara Market down to wild jordan.. its easier than finding that norrow street.



kinzi said...

Hi Nasim! I have a goodbye party, can't come. But have a great time!

salam said...

see Nasim, I have an abjection..starting at 5.30 means one thing:an unorganized meeting..meetings should have a fixed time and a fixed schedule, when you say starting at , this means( and it has happened before)that anyone can come whenever he wants, so you might be there with one or two more people and not really know when the real gathering is..I say fix a time for the meeting like 6-8 and whoever wants to hang out longer can stay for the fun of it..but if its a meeting, with things to discuss, and an agends, it had got to have a time frame..if not, then let's call it an outing or a get together..an open house even..but not a meeting..
sorry..but thats how I feel.

nasimjo© said...

salam .... I decleared it explicitly, 5.30-8.30 ...
with an allow time of half an hour, we will close the doors at 6 PM :P
I hear you in here, but its just that from previous experiences...the 1st 30-45 minutes usually had no more than 7-8 people... except for some rare cases ....
thanks for your 2 cents again :)

kinzi....thanx, have a good time you too.

salam said...

Oh, I see I thought 8.30 is to watch the fireworks during the meeting..I did not know that would be the end of the meeting..will get back to you soon on whether I can make it..thanks!

Moey said...

how was it?