27 May, 2007

1 year of BiSCA out of the box..

1 year of getting BiSCA out the box ....
so where are we at ... after 1 year of graduation ...
after 1 year of BiSCA ...
I guess ill talk about the graduation later, that will be exactly as a year will due from my official graduation.

now about BiSCA... it was really amazing how we were a couple of weeks away from submitting the graduation project, an nobody had even a clue about how our system looks like :P this is what we like to call iterative development using the unified process :)

after 1 year, BiSCA is still not implemented in amman, and not even planned to be implemented.
after 1 year, we have been through the media (not any usual media... since the usual media doesnt have time for us! an article about BiSCA in Al-Rai newspaper was set to be published since the end of last month, and until now its waiting in the "queue"!).

after 1 year, BiSCA has version 0.1 of its website, which will notice the launch of a public service of BiSCA later by the end of this summer. as an initiative by the 3 of us, the founders of BiSCA ... by the way, we need a stress test for the server, so please do not hesitate to ping the website as much as you can.

after 1 year, BiSCA has participated in a couple of technology conferences, one in Jordan, and one in malaysia, amazed many, and made alot others wonder.

after 1 year, BiSCA will be representing jordan and the middle east in Transtec in Prague, and no one is ready to support us to go there ... we barely paid the fees of the conference.

after 1 year of BiSCA , some officials got amazed, others claimed such systems are available everywhere! conclusion, no body is doing anything!

after 1 year .... we are still aiming high, and we promise you all, that even if BiSCA will not get implemented, you will find that BiSCA will have a role in public transportation within this year by our individual efforts.

Happy Birthday BiSCA

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remember .. nice day, I think it was on 23/5